The Consulting Center of the Association of Milk Producers and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), within the framework of the Ukraine Dairy Supply Chain Development Project held a practical training course for veterinarians from September 21st to 25th.

The dairy farming industry is constantly evolving and is filled with innovations and research in the field of veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. Nowadays, there are more than a thousand dairy farms with an average herd size of 400 cows in Ukraine. Housing conditions, feeding, and stress affect the herd health and consequently influence the profit of the commercial dairy farm. Because of these the practical training course for veterinarians was designed to find a solution to the most popular problems that the veterinarians and farm managers face. This was done with the help of the best specialists of the Consulting Centre of the AMP and IFC. 

18 veterinarians from all over Ukraine participated in the course. At the lectures of the course, such topics were considered: the main structural elements of the dairy farm reference model, the risks of hypocalcemia, and much more. Practical training took place at the Dairy Center Kischenzi. This center was established on the base of the Kishchenzi LLC farm, which has 1,300 milking cows and the Karusel milking parlor for 80 places.

After the completion of the course, each participant received a professional development certificate.

Feedback of the participants about the course:

Frolov Sergii, veterinarian of the Experimental Farm of the Rice Institute State Enterprise, Kherson region: “The current situation is as follows. It is essential to obtain information from all possible sources because the technologies in dairy farming are constantly developing. For me, the course was informative, full of ideas of how the actions that seem to be simple lead to an increase in the income of the commercial dairy farm”.

Obsharskiy Vadim, veterinarian, Peremoga JLLC, Poltava region: “After listening to the lectures of the Mikhailo Bilokin about the left displacement of the abomasum, I think that we have had several cases of this disease. Together with the servicing veterinarian Bazavluk Nikolay, we will diagnose and implement protocols for the left displacement of the abomasum treatment”.

ShangarTatiana, veterinarian of Rodina Trade LLC, Dnepropetrovsk region: “This is my first practical training course. Recently, I have started to work at Rodina-Trade LLC, after studying at university with the little experience I had to on a farm where I was only one veterinarian per 1000 heads. The lectures were extremely informative, and it was really interesting to listen to the problems of endometritis and the vaccination of cows that were relevant for our farm.”

Anna Kachur, veterinarian, Dnipro JLLC, Kherson region: “The top problem nowadays is the fight with Сovid-19, which “has stopped the world”, but I believe that training and development of personality in the professional sphere cannot be stopped. Undoubtedly, I am satisfied with the course. For me, there was definitely something to note and to close my knowledge gaps on the topics that were covered in the seminar. Thank you for conducting such a great course and I am waiting forward to the invitation to the next course.”

Shvedova Larisa, manager of a dairy complex, Agrotis Agro-enterprise, Donetsk region: “I have been working in this field for over 20 years. Each year it is extremely interesting and useful to update the knowledge, especially, when this knowledge increases milk yield and weight gain. These motivate me to work and develop even more. Personally, I was interested in hearing about innovations and research in the field of feeding technology and animal welfare. I have been working with feeding for more than a year, for me, this is still something new, but after I heard information from Genadii Bondarenko, I know where I should pay attention while developing the diets. Even now, I am eager to change the calf diets to achieve better results in the 0-2 group. Currently, I am writing out the plans for future changes to achieve better results. Experts have convinced me that the changes are not a risk, but great achievements in the future.”