The value of charcuterie continues growing
According to the State Customs Service, Ukraine exported 0.283 thousand tons of charcuterie in 2017. “The exports of this segment of products during the first five months of this year (0.176 thousand tons) exceeded the last year's index by 1,9 times (0,089 thousand tons), the May exports amounted to 0.059 thousand tons” – the analyst of Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB) informs.
Exhibitors. Ukrainian Food Expo 2018

  Agri-food manufacturers Manufacturers of farm and craft products Producers of organic and niche products  Suppliers of equipment, technologies and services Transport and logistic companies, financial institutions …

FRESH ZONE. Ukrainian Food Expo 2018
In the framework of Ukrainian Food Expo 2018, there will be separate specialized exposition FRESH ZONE for producers of fresh fruits, vegetables and berries. Organizer: Ukrainian Food Export Board (UFEB).